Available for Curbside Pickup, Takeout, Catering, & Delivery

*Prices, Menu Items, & Hours May be Subject to Change. Contact (502) 896-1488 for more information.

Temporary Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am to 5pm
Sat: 11:30am to 4pm
Sun: Closed

Our cozy cafe is a great place for the casual lunch tradition with your friends. We serve delicious and affordable sliders, sandwiches and hot brown fondue that we know you will love.

Crave Cafe & Catering enjoys good people with good taste in food and coffee. Our menu is filled with tantalizing flavors of famous home made food that are made with the freshest ingredients. Our lunches are available to go and you can always call ahead to order. We provide a small town oasis of quality and delicious food, like our warm soup, with friendly service.

If you’ve fallen in love with our delectable food and want your friends and family to experience the same love you have, we also provide excellent catering service in Louisville. If you are hungry for a delicious lunch, stop by Crave Cafe & Catering in Louisville, KY and enjoy a bite with family and friends!